Monday, November 15, 2010

Sara Mari's Cat Contest gets and Wal*mart/Dollar Store Lashes!!

Hello hello~

So this post is primarily about my package from Sara Mari from Moments Like Diamonds!

I received it awhile go, but due to computer problems, working 40hrs/week and just laziness, I haven't posted it until now.

here's the envelope:
Scotch Plastic Mailers, ftw!
The note, HELLO KITTY sticker sheet, my little note, andddd a cute little treat bag!

 Sara doesn't know this, but I work at Dunkin' Donuts so it fits me rather well, haha!

and yes, MATCHA flavored candies were included! yayayayay!! I <3 anything matcha!

This was the 3rd place prize for her cat naming contest which I previously wrote a snippet about here.

And now onto lashes~!
Since I've been home, I am so proud of myself for not buying ANY new clothes that were not necessary. Not even new stockings, because I have wayyy too many (for evidence, visit my poupee girl. that's only about 5% of the total amount that I own). 

The by now, INFAMOUS Puri eyelashes. - 400yen ($4) @Random puri machine in Akihabara? lol

I used these eyelashes on Halloween, even though I've had them since April! hahaha. They were comfortable, blended well, but the adhesive I used sucked so I pulled them off after 2 hours. But I like they way they look. A lot. A very cute doll-like look that can easily be dressed up or down.

Salon Perfect brand lashes #13 - $4 @wal*mart.
 These are not so good for a doll look, but I will post a more in-depth review later.

Revlon Lashes #501 - $1 @Dollar Store
 THESE are awesome! Much like the Puri lashes. The glue had leaked out, but not damaged the lashes. Longer so they create a much more defined look. Looking forward to using these.
Revlon Variety "Fantasy Length" single lashes - $1 @Dollar Store
 These say long wear, but I'm sure it really depends on the glue, haha. The adhesive is missing from the package, which is probably why they were at the dollar store!
Revlon PRECISION Lash Adhesive - $4 @Wal*mart
THIS is amazing! it dries clear, but goes on white so you can easily tell where there is glue and where there isn't. I've only used these to test out my lashes, but it dries pretty quickly and didn't feel too gross on my eyes.

These are some recent gets, and as a novice in eye-lashes, my reviews will just be a beginner's opinion, but if you're interested, please check it out!

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