Monday, January 02, 2012

Hello 2012, Hello New Start♥

Hello everyone!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope everyone had a great time. I spent the weekend with my boyfriend. We had a lot of fun, drinking champagne, watching weird Korean horror movies, having a yakiniku party, and just spending a lot of time enjoy each other's company

We watched the ball drop in NYC (and whined that we weren't there) and I had my first ever kiss at Midnight!

Backing up a bit, how was everyone's Christmas? (or, if you don't celebrate Christmas, how was your [insert holiday here]? I'm curious to know how/if everyone celebrates during this time of year.)

This Christmas was full of Hello Kitty... Slippers, laptop case, keychain, bubble batch, my boyfriend even got me a cute plushie! My mom got me a sweet miniature tea set that was made in Okayama Prefecture in Japan!! I love it so much, but I'm scared to use it, haha!

As for resolutions, I've thought a lot and decided to make some new goals. Returning to Japan a.s.a.p. is no longer a top priority. I know, I know... Most people will probably wonder what could have changed my mind, but lets just say I know Japan is always going to be there and it will always be an option. However, for the time being, I have other things I want to do first.

That being said, the first one is this blog. I'm changing my focus. Some things in my life may be changing soon and I really want to focus on sharing my experiences and furthermore, sharing how I create a little bit of Japan back in the U.S. For example, my boyfriend is also a total Japan addict, so we often make yakiniku (though technically it's korean, whatev haha), make okonomiyaki, look for cool Japanese-inspired food, go to many Japanese restaurants, follow Japanese news...... I'm thinking about writing about things like how to make okonomiyaki at home, reviewing Japanese restaurants, etc.  That way, those of us who are not in Japan can have a little inspiration. I also have been seeing a lot more of the U.S. and doing a lot more things. A lot more activity means a lot more to write about and a lot more to share

My biggest goal is to de-clutter my life, starting with my body by dieting. I don't need those extra pounds and don't want those extra pounds so it's time to say bye-bye. Next is my closet. I have way too many clothes! And not enough that I enjoy wearing. And many more that are not going to fit. Next will be my things. Moving is in my near future and I just cannot bring myself to take all of this crap with me. Time to move the eff on~! I want to have what I need, what is important, and rid myself of the here, there, and in between.

Like I stated before, I want to focus on finishing my diet and reaching my goal. I am past the halfway point, now I just need to step it up a notch. No more making excuses. I want more action and completion! (just a note: I recently bought a looser fitting shirt, but it was an XS! I never thought I could wear an XS and it actually look good!)

I also want to start school. This is my second most important goal. By the end of this year, I will be on the track to getting my degree, come hell or high water, or so much debt I can't even think about it. I need to focus on getting it started.

And one last thing I'm going to work on is being more reliable. Having Google Reader on my phone has really ruined my commenting and posting on this blog. I hardly ever am on my actual laptop anymore. It's just so much easier to creepread than contribute.Well, creeping no more!!! I just deleted the app from my phone. I also want to be there more for the people in my life. I have a habit of disappearing for extended periods of time, which doesn't make my a very good friend. First goal: To mail out those letters I have been writing for over 2 months.

Here's to a new year, new beginnings and new experiences abound!
(≧∇≦)/□☆□\(≧∇≦ )カンパーイ!!