Sunday, November 28, 2010

Outfits, giveaways, and thanks - oh my!

Hello, hello~
I hope everyone gets the  "lions, tigers, and bears - oh my!" ref. >_<

I just want to greet all of my new followers and thank them for following my blog!
I'm so happy that more people are finding an interest in my blog. I hope I can continue to grow and improve and reach more people! ポジティブ気分で!
If I reach 50 followers before Christmas, I want to do a Christmas-themed giveaway. So if you can get more people to follow, it may happen sooner :]

Speaking of giveaways, here are a few you should check out:

Sara Mari's fur trend giveaway - She's definitely one of my favorite bloggers and always has such cool giveaways! If you're into the new fur trend, please join! It's a small giveaway, but worthwhile!!! Also, please check out and support Sara Mari's blog, because she is an amazingly sweet girl and works hard at blogging!

Hana's (Finding Tokyo) New Year Giveaway - A secret-themed giveaway from the wonderful Miss Hana I love her and her blog, so I'm excited to see what her giveaway has in store for everyone~! I suggest her giveaway because she's fabulous so of course she'll have fabulous prizes :]

Mitsu's favorite things giveaway - all I need to say is: DIAMOND LASH. I've recently become obsessed with lashes and I'm really craving Diamond lashes~! Also, that Alpaca is just toooooo cute. My 4yo niece would probably steal it from me though, hahaha! Please enter and follow Mitsu. She's a wonderful gal and a huge inspiration.

and last, but not least,....

Momo's first giveaway!! - Momo was actually one of my first followers, so I will always love her She's having a giveaway to celebrate reaching 50 followers!! It has many AWESOME things, such as: usamimi, hello kitty stuff (I am OBSESSED!!), candy, stickers, and awesome keystraps~~!!! Please follow and support her, and of course enter the giveaway!!

Now onto some outfits! (Note: My boots have become my favorite shoes, hands down. Maybe I wear them too much, hahaha!)

11/20 - Harry Potter and visiting my bestie!!

I went to visit my friend JoAnna and, as per tradition, we went and saw Harry Potter together!!! We've seen every movie together so far. But, because the movie wasn't until 9 PM, we play Just Dance 2 on the Wii for awhile.

I bought it due to Jenny(sushi-cat)'s recommending it and the awesome commercials I saw.

I tend to make awesome faces while dancing XDDD

At the theater:
didn't INTEND for my eyes to be closed... haha^^

JoAnna's sister Carley in her HP gear. If it had been opening night, I definitely would have dressed up too!

The three of us! The closest thing to sister's I've had all my life ♥

Black sweater: Old Navy (like four years ago ><)
White t-shirt: Charlotte Rusee
Tan lace cami: Charlotte Russe
Lace ruffle skirt: BODY LINE
Black sheer tights: Jusco!
Black thigh highs: some store in Ginza XDD
Boots: unknown - I lost the bag x_x

11/22 - Dinner with my parents
I ate dinner at my parent's house, with my brother, his girlfriend, and my nieces. It was cold, but not TOO cold, so I decided to wear shorts :]

Hat: Gal Fit
Sweater: Old Navy
Shorts: l.e.i.
White tights: some store in ginza, again, hahaha
Trouser socks: Sears

This outfit was very comfy and cute, I think. I felt like I was
almost channeling Ayumi Hamasaki in her "Days" Pv. haha

 11/25 - Thanksgiving
My make shot for Thanksgiving!
My hair looks soo much blonder in photos than it really is. I want that color irllll :[

Denim skirt: Charlotte Russe
Sweater, tights, socks, and boots previously mentioned.

11/27 - Harry Potter again! :D
I went and saw Harry Potter AGAIN last night. Only this time, I went with my two older brothers and my brother's girlfriend. It was even better the 2nd time. It's reigniting my inner Anglophile~ aaahhh, I want to go to England SO BAD.

 Notice how frizzy my hair gets between JUST putting on my glasses. fmlllll.

Checked fuzzy jacket: Jusco
Black lace one-piece: GLACIER
Black socks: some accessory shop in the Kashima Cheerio^^

Hat, white t-shirt, tights, boots mentioned previously.

The pictures don't show the dress very well, but it's very cute and very dressy. I toned it down with the t-shirt, hate, and boots.

This cord made me feel like, if Sakurina and Kanako had a love child, this is something I could see them wearing, hahaha!

I love the comfy(found in the sweater, boots, hat) and subtle classiness(dress) of this cord. I would wear it a lot more if I could!

so, what do you want to see next from me? a "Things I learned in Japan" post, a Daily Blog post ("perfect first date"), more about my school experiences or a travel-related post? YOU tell me!! :]

I can't make any guarantees, but your comments and opinions will help!

Thanks so much!!! Have a good day/night, wherever this blog finds you

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