Friday, November 19, 2010

Remembering my school life in Japan: Part 2 - 2年3組

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Now onto my series "Remembering my school life in Japan".

Part 2: 2年3組
My class on my last day. Click for obnoxiously large size.

There was 40 kids in this class plus me, which made me number 41.
I was with them from April until July, which doesn't seem long at all,
but I had such an awesome time with them. 

I think this was largely due to the fact that by the time they met me, I could already speak some Japanese.
I had also been in Seishin for 6 months so everyone knew me fairly well.

One of my best friends from this class - Saori.
She and I were best, best friends for the first few months we knew each other.
She and I even talked about her coming to visit me in America this winter. However, we got into an argument in July and stopped talking.

That was probably the hardest time of my whole exchange. I wanted so much to fix things but I knew that even if she forgave me, things would never be the same. どうしよもないけどね。

This photo says: "To Suu-chan(my nickname), Today was fun. Please be my good friend forever. Lets hang out again. I love you."


This was from the same day.
We sang karaoke together for four hours!!!
We got out of school early for tests and then we went straight to Karaoke! It was so much fun!

She always loved it when I wrote in English, haha!

This one says

"Together everyday
because we are best friends"

Another girl in my class who I was super, super super SUPER close with was Riho.
Saori introduced me to her and we spent most of our time together.

After Saori and I stopped talking, Riho became my best friend in the class.
She likes Marilyn Manson and all the visual kei bands that I like!
We went and saw Gazette together!!!

This is purikura that Saori, Riho and I took together.
It was on my birthday!!!!

My eyes are so huge! haha.

Another puri from my birthday.

And another! That cut Riho's face off, hahaha!
This girl's name is Eri-chan!
She sat in front of me for much of the year.

Every morning, she and her boyfriend would talk to me, which made me feel very welcome. I really miss them.

She was very sweet and even got me a present on my birthday.

These are two other girls from my class, Misaki and Emily (of course, spelled the japanese way, XD)

This was during our 家庭科(home economics) class.

Most of what I want to say about this class will come up in later entries about school events,
but I would like to say how much I really, really love them.
I will forever cherish the memories I had with this homeroom and how enjoyable they made Japan.

During our Long Homerooms, we would play Old Maid, we watched "5cm per second", which has become one of my favorite movies!

I have many more pictures to upload in my entry about my taiikusai and my last day of school! So please check those out!

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My next post will be in japanese, but the post AFTER that will be in my "Things I Learned in Japan" series!
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