Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sorry I've been missing.

I took a break from, essentially, the internet for almost a week. Work was busy, I'm still fighting a cold, and I felt like nothing great had happened. I didn't really feel like thinking too much either.

but, I'm back, if only for this post! hah

Last week, my friend Melissa came over again and did my nails again (see this post for the other time she did my nails). Inspired by her OPI "japanese koi" nail polish, she used my gold thin-brush art polish to create fins on my nails!

Here are the results:

I was so in love with them. The gold and reddish color made them kind of festive, which since it is almost Christmas, I really loved.

The lovely Caroline at Spooning with a Schoolboy featured my blog in one of her posts!! I was so happy. She comments on 90% of my posts and is just extremely awesome! Please check out her blog!

As soon as the holidays are over (and I can figure out my money situation, still gotta buy my ticket to Japan for March >_<), I will open my (still kinda winter-themed) giveaway! It won't be much, just some interesting/cute things I find and can part with! haha

Please keep an eye out for that♥

And now, onto a few things in 日本語・・



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