Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nails, recent gets!

Today I called my host brother, and as we were hanging up the phone, he told me I had to update my blog! haha


How was everyone's Christmas?
Did you eat a lot?
What was the best present you received?

So, to start off my next few days of constant posts, here are my Christmas nails and recent purchases!

My friend Melissa did my nails again. This time, I took pictures of all of our holiday nails.
my nails. A red color with cold glitter with a Revlon silver glitter top coat.

Lynda's. A pale nude color with blue and silver glitter (to match our tree, and favorite football team. GO DALLAS!)

Melissa's. Bright red polish with one green glitter nail.

I loved my nails soooo much! I'm so sad they didn't last forever

^ See that sirotan icon? ohmygosh, love it sooooooooooooo much!!

I recently went shopping at Charlotte Russe. It is my favorite store. I went there for the purpose of getting my sister in law a gift card, and I ended up buying myself more stuff! haha.

I love the corset, and to think, it was only $10!!! I actually own a couple corsets from Charlotte. They're cheap and make so many kinds, I can't help but love them.

I also got a grey and a black camisole but those are rather insignificant, haha!

So, this is all for now, because my next post will be about my giveaway, followed by a christmas haul post, Things I Learned in Japan post, a christmas party post, and by the time those are finished, it'll be time for new years!

As always, thanks for following my blog and I hope you all enjoy my posts. If you ever have any suggestions, please let me know!!

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