Tuesday, May 03, 2011

the 和風 giveaway!!!!!

久しぶり!(long time, no see!) My laptop charger recently died after we experienced a blackout after lightning struck a pole near my house! But, I had it looked at and after confirming it was only the charger, I have a new charger and my laptop is back~!

I was so bored during this past week that I actually hand-wrote a couple blog posts. Yes, my life is that boring! hahaha~ I also took a bunch of pictures that you will see in upcoming posts. I've decided that I'm going to start including more of my personal life because I know that once I move I'll have a much more interesting life笑

I've had this planned out for awhile and I was going to hold off, but the weather has been so nice recently, summer is just around the corner and I'm just feeling so great about life that I want to share it all with you guys! That's why I'm announcing my next giveaway!

the 和風 giveaway
The theme of this giveaway is 和風 or Japanese style! I chose this theme because I love all things traditional Japan and I'm sure someone else does, too! haha

the prizes:
- a hand-painted uchiwa from Asakusa, Tokyo!
- a 和柄 (traditional Japanese pattern) flower cell phone strap!
- Bath & Body Works Signature Collection fragrance mist and shower gel in Japanese Cherry Blossom! (my favorite fragrance!)
- a matcha green tea flavored Nestle Kit Kat bar! (comes in a cute box too!)

the rules:
- open internationally
- must be a follower (GFC, bloglovin', bloggers, RSS feeds, anything works!)

how to enter:
- comment with your name and a valid email address.

for extra entries:
[+1] in your comment, state your favorite part of Japanese culture. For example, you could mention Sadou (Japanese tea ceremony), sushi, sumo, maiko, geisha, ikebana, anime, jpop, jrock, kabuki, noh, the possibilities are endless!!

[+1] in your comment, say what you would like to see more of on hello nippon!!. For example, "Things I Learned in Japanese", advice on living in Japan, personal posts, Japanese language lesson posts, reviews of products from Japan, travel posts, etc.

[+1] Retweet my original tweet on twitter or link to this blog post and tag me [@stacywahh] in your tweet. Post the link to your tweet in a separate comment.

[+2] Make a post on tumblr linking back to this blog post. Post the link to your post in a separate comment.

[+2] Make a blog post linking to this blog post. Post the link to your blog post in a separate comment.

each person may have up to 8 entries for this giveaway!

also, feel free to use the picture below to promote the giveaway!

the deadline for this giveaway is Wednesday, May 25th 2011 at 11:59 PM EST! After the entries have been tallied, the winner will be selected by random.org again, and then the winner will be emailed. If the winner has not responded to my email in three days after being selected, I will choose a new winner.

Thank you all for your support and I wish everyone lots of luck!!

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