Saturday, May 07, 2011

gets: shoe ver+new glasses+Hello Kitty

Hello everyone~!

Based on answers from my giveaway, I've decided to include some more personal posts and I'll start finishing all those drafts I have partially typed. I swear, there's at least 15 blog posts!

Last night I edited some photos so I decided to blog on that. Recently I bought two pairs of shoes from AMI Clubwear. The site has soooo many cute things! Shipping is expensive, but if you spend $50, you can use a coupon for free shipping!

Tan/Beige Mary Janes

Black OTK Suede boots.
I know, I know, OTK boots are sooo last winter. Well, I don't care! I love them, and they go with a lot of the outfits I want to wear this summer, so I'm sticking with them!

And the Mary Janes are shoes I bought kind of on a whim, but I've noticed they go really well to create a retro-girly kind of look, which I've always loved!

If you take at look at my (recently not updated at all) poupee, you will notice that I LOVE Charlotte Russe. I honestly own wayyyyy too freakin' much from there and it doesn't help my best friend is also obsessed.

I bought these shoes back in February, but I cannot wait to wear them out more! Winter in Pennsylvania makes it so hard to coordinate because there's always lots of snow and random snowstorms and the last thing you want is to be stranded in heels like these. Or really anything other than water-resistant, lined boots, haha!

Yesterday, Jenny made this post which included a picture of a girl with shoes similar to these and over-the-knees similar to these from sockdreams! I currently have white socks that go to my knees, but I'm really tempted to get those from sock dreams, too.

The box pictured above is the new shoe box design. Compare this box above to the box below! I bought these red heels over three years ago! Can you believe that? I recently found these in my room at my dad's house and I thought, "Hey! I might still be able to get some use out of them!"
notice the spot in the right corner? editing fail~ lol
I still really like these heels though! They work well with jeans, which is nice for family Christmas dinners, haha!

Two weeks ago I dyed my hair, again. I really love the two-toned look, so I think I'm going to keep it for while. This time I went with copper red on the left and blonde on the right.
during the dye process.

a couple days ago. can't see it well, but I haven't taken many face shots lately, haha!
And good news: my hair is starting to grow out! In January, my hair was butchered. Like cut so short I cried for three hours and constantly whined about how I had been robbed of my femininity. Now, don't get me wrong, some women are made for short hair. It looks great on them. I am just not one of them. And for some reason every single beautician I go to thinks I want an emo mullet/shag cut when I specifically say "Long, blended layers". Ugh, it still makes me depressed just thinking about it.

Yesterday afternoon I picked up my new glasses. I haven't had new glasses in two and a half years, so it's nice to have the new glasses feeling.
They're purple with a flower design on the side.
I think they make my face more adult-ish. You know what I mean? Probably not, haha~

Yesterday I also painted my nails. Tonight is "Girls Night" with my resident nail artist/bff Melissa, but I just HAD to do something. I was going crazy with all this plain nail-age. So I painted them Dolly Wink #9 ミントグリーン with a dollar store (!!) brand nail art holographic gold.

Did I ever show you guys my Hello Kitty laundry bag? If you know me personally, you would know I'm obsessed with: the brand Harajuku Lovers, the brand Body Line (I eat up loli-kei stuff<3), and I will fork over ridiculous amounts of money for HELLO KITTY! I LOVE Hello Kitty. My travel toothbrush is even Hello Kitty (thanks Danielle, luv yaaa! haha)

So, it seems only natural I would have a Hello Kitty laundry bag, right? Maybe you have no idea what that is? Well, before Japan, I didn't either. In Japan, they use them to put smaller items (like underwear, camisoles, or delicates) in the washer without losing them/ruining them. I began telling my mom this and she went, "Uh... I used those when you were a kid too..." Shows how much I remember, haha! My fourth host mom knew I liked Hello Kitty, so she bought it for me so I could put my undies in them on a week long trip I went on! 優しいんだね^^ I try not to use it, but lately I've used it to just hold random things (like my makeup and toiletries on my trip to Japan in March!)
For Easter this year, I didn't get much (but I'm also agnostic so, big whoop!). But my mom got me......... Hello Kitty Jellybeans!! Do you think I've opened them yet? Nopeeee~ Maybe I will in July. Jelly beans don't expire, right? Right?!

I'm moving so I've started going through my books. I have a lot on Japanese culture, studying Japanese, different dictionaries and phrasebooks, even the first textbook and workbook in the Genki textbook series used by many colleges. If I were to make a sales post, would anyone be interested? I'll do reviews beforehand, I think. Most would be around $5USD plus shipping. I honestly don't care to charge anyone an arm and a leg for them, you know? Let me know if you're interested!

And lastly, don't forget my giveaway! It ends on the 25th, so don't forget to get as many entries as possible by then! :] 

The next part: The Japan haul! (I really didn't think I had bought much, but I guess I didn't factor in the eyelashes, boots, eco bags, and the snacks! haha!)

May this post find you smiling and enjoying life, wherever you are!

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