Tuesday, January 18, 2011

introducing: "hello nippon" and giveaway updates!

I made a new header and officially named my blog~!
this blog, from henceforth(unless I decide to change it again, huhu~) will be known as "hello nippon"!
I decided on this name because I was searching for something nifty with a hint of Japan in it (since this has become a Japan-related blog). Lots of people had ideas, which were all great, but I decided to go with "hello nippon" after everyone I knew said it was a nifty name.

In case you don't know, "Nippon" is a way to read the characters for Japan [日本]. There are actually two ways to read it, "nihon" or "nippon". "Nippon" is generally a more formal reading, but I thought it sounded better with "hello".

The scan is from the February issue of PopSister.

And now onto more important things~~~!
Giveaway updates!!!

Today I went online to fit Bellaire's shop and purchased some more things for the giveaway I am hosting!

Here are the new prizes!
Baby Mamegoma folder

Happy Sweets Ice Cream Cone letter set [12 Paper, 6 Envelope, 1 Sticker Sheet + Paper]
A Japanese style uchiwa - I bought the one on the right, with the butterfly and pink flowers.
Petit Amour chopsticks with case
Honoka long bentou box (I got the one in pink)
as long with these other prizes~~

Please check this post to see how to enter!!!
The deadline is January 31st at 11:00PM EST! 

I will update again if I buy any more items (which knowing me, I will~ hahaha!) 

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