Monday, October 04, 2010

today's coordinate!

I started to make a header last night but noooo Gimp had to screw up my layers and my two hours of work meant nothing. I want to come up with a definitive title for my blog.

I guess I'm getting serious about it (笑)

so, here is today's coordinate~

Skirt: Charlotte Russe


Black Leggings: Charlotte Russe

they're now currently all covered in lint, hah.

Shirt(or dress on Japanese girls >_<): Paul Royal

This shirt I absolutely adoreeee. I got it on sale at my local Jusco in Kashima, Ibaraki last fall. For those who don't know, Jusco is like Japan's mini-shopping mall with like a Wal*mart in it.

This shirt is definitely some knock-off brand, but I love it just the same&hearts;

Boots: who knows!

I saw these as a 1000円 sale in a Jusco(hah I'm a loser) in Chiba!
I love love love them sooo much. They are soft on the inside and were the LAST pair of LLs so it was like fate.

Put it all together and......

Okay, so it's not ALL together because I'm wearing my slippers, but I'm going job-hunting later and that's when I'll be putting my boots on.

It's cold and rainy and blahhhh.
I was going to be nice and erase all the distractions from this photo but meh, you can enjoy wondering what the heck it all is. :]

(my room here is VERY small. and I have LOTS of things. >_<)

So yeah, today I am going job hunting. I WILL find a job, I WILL find a job, I will! I will!
I just need to keep positive and keep working!


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