Saturday, August 25, 2012


So... I have moved yet again!!! Now I am living with my boyfriend (and his family) just outside of Baltimore. I moved in at the end of July after hashing and re-hashing out the details and I do not regret it!

To say I disliked my last job was a severe understatement. BS Call-center work is so not for moi. BUT!! Since moving in, my boyfriend and I have gotten a lot closer and our relationship has improved 150%! I think couples often worry that moving in together can ruin a relationship because some couples are better apart than together. Luckily we are not shaping up that way.

We've started cleaning his room and making room for me, which is a huge step forward I think. I don't have all of my clothes, etc. because we still are shopping for some storage options. But I have a lot of ideas so I'm hoping it should be taken care of soon.

And speaking of ideas, I've been on this cooking binge lately. We've been dieting and exercising together and have just about stopped eating like crap (like we used to) but all I've been wanting to do it cook, cook, cook!

So tomorrow, I am going to cook for my boyfriend. I haven't decided what, so I'm going to look through The Food Network's recipes on their iPad app on the bf's iPad and through a couple of my cookbooks. My boyfriend said he also wanted to get red velvet cake mix, so we're going to make cupcakes.

I have a couple reviews to do of sushi/Japanese restaurants we've been to. I also want to do a "Japanese Food Lover's Guide to NYC" with reviews of restaurants, bakeries, cool stores, etc. that my boyfriend and I have found on our travels.

For anyone interested, I do have instagram - @stacywahh . And hello nippon!! 's Facebook fan page (that I created and haven't really updated) can be found here.

I'm doing a design overhaul so I will hopefully be simplifying the design to make it more user-friendly. But for the mean-time, who doesn't love that Pop Sister (RIP) scan? :]

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