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Hello everyone!!
For all of the Americans out there, how was your fourth of July?
Mine was really fun because I had a yakiniku party with my boyfriend! For those who don't know, yakiniku is japanese for "burned meat", which is considered korean style BBQ! And one of my favorite foods!!!!

I have tonnnnssss of pictures for posts but it's been hard because my boyfriend usually takes them on his iPhone4 and never sends them to me (>_<) Buutttt! we recently signed up for a joint account so we can share pictures, documents, etc more easily. Very happy about that!

There are some Korean BBQ restaurants that you can go to but they are usually expensive and there isn't as much meat like there is when you do it at home. For around $70 in meat/supplies, you can have enough food for 4 people PLUS leftovers! Awesome, right?!

So now you may be wondering how we accomplish having yakiniku in the home and it's very easy:
Buy a yakiniku-style grill.
I have this one which is only $40 on Amazon! AI think any table top grill will work good but I wouldn't recommend outdoor ones because then you can't enjoy sitting around the table cooking together ^_^

Find thinly cut meat.
I think it's best to get this from a Korean or Asian grocery. Normal grocery stores usually don't sell meat cut thinly but I strongly recommend this because it's easy to marinate, cooks quicker and it's also easy to eat with chopsticks! We buy beef brisket, thin sliced pork that we marinate in Korean BBQ sauce, chicken tenders, honey-smoked bacon that I wrap asparagus in, and whatever else we splurge on (haha).

Some of the meat we purchased. A - Thicker cut pork, B - Not sure of the marinade, but it tasted like kimchi. The English label said "Pork Butt", haha. C - Marinated beef. Not sure what part, but I do know it was good.
Find sauces/marinades. 
For dipping: Standard soy sauce is good. I also really like sesame seed oil with a little salt and pepper. Could also use hot sauce, miso-flavored dressing or sauce, teriyaki sauce, etc. This is a really good place to be creative!

Marinades: Korean BBQ Sauce (not sure of the brand we use, I will update it once I find out the name), Teriyaki sauce, Yakitori sauce, Sesame/miso dressing, 

Plan out drinks.
This can be a fun part too. We usually add in some sort of Japanese drink, either Oi! Ocha, Ramune, or something. This time we had Kirin Light Beer (I just turned 21!! Yay! Have yet to be carded anywhere though (x_x;;) )

A - Taiwanese Apple Soda (called Apple Sidra in English?), B - ACE Hard Apple Cider. Veryyyy good. Not too strong so lightweights like me can drink it. D - Kirin Light Beer. Not as strong of a beer flavor so manageable. E - Stella Artois. My boyfriend's pick and one of his favorite beers. I think it's Belgian?
Just realized I forgot C in that picture, hahaha!

Enjoy with family and friends!
I've done yakiniku in Japan with host families and friends, and in America with Ricky and his family. It's always such a fun time to share with others. I hope you will get the chance to as well!!

*** I do have to mention though, that for all the deliciousness that is yakiniku, cooking it at home means you're left with the cleanup. Cleaning the drip pan after it hardens is the worst!!! Makes me elbows hurt x_x hahaha.

So, time for some pictures....!
Us while cooking. Not a great picture of me, but I still like it! ^_^

If anyone is interested, I could give my tutorial on how I make the bacon asparagus wraps that are AMAZING. Probably most awesome part of Yakiniku!

Thanks for reading!!!

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