Friday, July 01, 2011

Just a quick post.....

.....before I reply to all the past comments and start working on some upcoming posts. (Blogger awards, moar Taiikusai photo spam, app reviews, ninja themepark, Tegomass concert, GazettE live?!? WHAT! haha)

So first things first....
My boyfriend came to visit yesterday. I hadn't seen him in two weeks, since our argument, so I wanted to do something special for him. I made him confetti cupcakes with confetti frosting and decorated them with my writing pens. I made them with my special heart-shaped mini-cupcake maker that I got for $6 at Wal*mart!
He goes by "Ricky", but his real name is "Iwei" or "Great Happiness", which is exactly what he brings to me!
To be honest, it was my first time making cupcakes all alone, and I'm not very practiced in frosting. Guess I need to start baking more~! Despite the sloppiness, my boyfriend said he really likes the "homemade" feel of them. What a good boyfriend笑
Earlier this week, I had tried the Master Cleanse diet, but after two days, it made me break out in hives! Online forums said it was just the "diet working" but honestly, if it's going to make my skin look gross, I'll just go back to cutting calories! I felt like a failure though, and started crying while on the phone with him. I just felt so frustrated. Some people can easily drop three, even four pounds a week, but I felt like I was struggling with every ounce. My boyfriend kept encouraging me and said I should just try my best to figure out what works for me. And he also said that he'd do whatever diet I do with me, so I don't feel alone♥

He came over, and we decided to get pizza (so much for "supporting" my diet, right?haha) We then took my nieces to the park again, which was a lot of fun. He played hide-and-seek with my five year old niece and promised next time he'd bring her a Frisbee!

He brought me my birthday present, too! Last time I was with him, we went to the Asian market(how typical XD) and browsed around the Korean gift shop. We saw a bunch of cuuuute mugs and I said that someday, we should get matching mugs! He said he thought that would be really cute, too.
He got us matching panda mugs!!!! and look at that spoooooon!!!! *dies of cute overload* At first, he didn't say we had matching ones. I thought he had gotten me a mug. Then I mentioned how cute it'd be if we had matching ones and he goes "....Why do you think I got them? Of course I got two. I wanted them to match our bowls!" (panda bowl picture here) Now we're gonna look for matching panda chopsticks to make the set complete!*is a nerd*...*doesn't care* haha

And MORE! good news!!!! I got a job!!!!!
Yep, it's not the most glamorous job - just working at a call center, but it pays good and it's a good step towards a career. I start my [paid] training July 18th! I'm so excited! My boyfriend also wanted to plan a beach trip into that day, but we might be able to rearrange it so I can still go AND start work. But we'll see~!

Do any of you guys have plans for the fourth? I'm not too sure what I'm doing yet, but I hope it'll be fun! And if you're not American, does your country have an independence-related holiday?

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

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