Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Earthquake Alert App Review

This is the first app review for my mini-series on the EEW system in Japan.

Intro to EEW

I made a video app review for you guys. Yes, my first video笑
I know nothing about editing or anything like that so please forgive me!

Earthquake Alert:

Works in Japan? Worldwide? Yes&Yes
Language(s)? English only.
Best feature: The map.
Good things: Runs/loads fast. Can set filters based on magnitude, date, distance. Can set the units. Map powered by Google Maps. Only works in Real-time so less data storage.
Bad things: No push notifications (separate beta app available). Real-time only (for up to the last week).
Ease of usage: Very easy to navigate, simple to understand.
iPhone app? Yes.
Recommended? For those looking for a simple, wordwide notification app, yes. For those looking for more specific/advanced features or push notifications, no.


Hopefully as I make more videos, I'll get better at them and now sound so crazy. haha.

Do you like the video review? or would you prefer pictures/text? Let me know!!!

Thanks for reading/watching! 

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