Monday, June 20, 2011

The Perfect Birthday

I just want to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Friday. In total, over 85 people took time out of their day to say Happy Birthday! Wow! That made me so very, very happy!

I am now 20 years old, and I'm looking forward to what this next year will bring. Next year I'll be 21 so I can finally [legally] drink in the U.S. All of my friend keep telling me, "Twenty-one is the last good one then it's pretty much downhill from there.." Well, I happen to love birthdays and I will no matter if I have to forget the number笑

This post is about my birthday last year in Japan. It all started the first week of June. I noticed the back board of the classroom was empty so I decided to write my birthday on the board. Then I wrote some of my close friend's birthdays. Soon everyone was writing their birthdays. It became almost like a tradition. I wonder if they still do that? hmm..
Japanese pop culture question: Which member of Johnny's do I share a birthday with? (hint: it's written below my birthday!)
The way dates are written is 月 used to mark the month and 日 used for the day. Using that, you can probably figure out the birthdays of other kids in my class.

My birthday fell on a Thursday which meant I had school. That day, sooooo many people said happy birthday to me. I felt like a celebrity all over again笑

I came into the classroom with a couple messages waiting for me.

I was given presents first thing in the morning and then again at lunch time. And again at dinner by my host family.
They even bought me a cake!

 After school that day, I took birthday purikura with my two best friends! Here are some of them:

My two best friends - Rihochi and Sacchi. We had nicknames for each other. Mine was Suu-chan.

The next day I took purikura and went to karaoke with my other best friend from my first homeroom.
It was raining that day so my hair was ew and I forgot my makeup so forgive my bad face(>_<;;)

So you probably wanna see the presents I got, right? Well, this is only about 3/4s of them, but enjoy~
Rose-scented bath kit<3 Smells sooo pretty!
Homemade!! bread from my friend Sacchi!
The cute bag it came in!

The birthday letter she wrote me!

A very pretty 扇子 from Rihochi
My friends know I LOVE Hello Kitty so sanrio food!!!
An eye mask from Franc Franc (accidently melted this in the microwave T_T)
Hello Kitty CUP! I currently use it to hold my q-tips :]

Hello Kitty phone charm that I still use!

Part of the giftset I got from Lush! I didn't even know we had Lush in America until I went to visit my boyfriend, haha!

Hand Towel from Swimmer!
SIROTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this and I still sleep with it! (Also from Sacchi. It's her favorite character)
 Things not pictured include: a NEWS calender, a HoneyMilk makeup pouch, more Hello Kitty stuff, etc etc. I was spoiled.

This was the best way I could have ever imagined to spend my birthday in Japan. I had such a good time. This year's birthday was also very good, but that's a story for next time! :] 

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