Friday, June 10, 2011

和風 Giveaway winner!

As promised, I am announcing my 2nd giveaway winner!

I tallied all the winners....
Put them into 's generator....
Pressed "Generate" and received number 35!
And the winner is...........

みか☆ちゃん from ☆GLAMOROUS SKY☆!

THANK YOU! to everyone who entered!
I'm planning my next giveaway, which if all my finances pan out will be sooner rather than later. (for some hints and chances to voice your opinion on what you want, follow my twitter account!)

Now time for -your- thoughts! What do you want to see next on Hello Nippon? I have 体育祭 Pt. 2, Earthquake Early Warning system info++app reviews, and more exchange related posts planned. Any ideas? Let me know!

As always, I hope this post finds you smiling and happy, wherever you may be

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