Saturday, November 26, 2011

That one time in Japan... when they tried feeding me a giant fish head

お久しぶり~! wayyy too Long time, no see! After my unannounced (and in my defense unintentional) hiatus came about, I had virtually no time to spend blogging. To be honest, I blame it on my smart phone. For most of my computer uses, it's way more convenient than a laptop, but for serious blogging, it's just too time consuming. I got busy with work, got my license, bought a car, have been through many emotions, changed life plans, lost 28 lbs, finally got to visit home again, and sadly, still have no concrete plans to visit Japan anytime soon(but lets keep our fingers crossed!)

Today I bring you a rather unique experience.... so I hope you will enjoy it!

I had been talking with my host mom about my Johnny’s obsession. Like, literal obsession. I have magazines, fan merch, watched all the dramas, memorized stupid facts about the members, even called them by their affectionate nicknames… I had (and still kinda have) a problem. But they’re just so hot and sexy and whatev, not even close to embarrassed.

I read online that recycle shops in Japan often have Johnny CDs and DVDs for wicked cheap prices. When I mentioned this to my host mom, she decided that we should go check one out. We drove to Kamisu City, which is just below Kashima.

I was in heaven!!! I found lots of things I wanted to buy, thought about buying, but I finally decided on two singles (the “Seishun Amigo” single from the dorama Nobuta wo Produce with YamaPi and Kamenashi and Daite Senorita, which is the first solo single of YamaPi) and the Never Ending Wonderful Story DVD from NEWS. (Totally NEWS no dai-fan much? Yeeeeep XD) 

L to R - Seishun Amigo, Never Ending Wonderful Story, and Daite Senorita

After making my purchases, my host mom took me to one of the restaurants that she owns. They were teaching me about the different kinds of food they made there and started showing me the meat. Then, all of a sudden, they showed me this giant fish HEAD! I’m not sure what kind of fish this was, but it’s just scary and creepy and was nothing I wanted to eat.

When they asked me “Tabete mimasen ka?”(Will you try eating it?), I almost died. Apparently, they even use parts of the head!!

Instead, my host mom ordered me lots and lots of chicken(some of which you can see in the picture) so all was good. But I decided to take a picture of the fish head because I had never, ever seen anything like it and haven’t ever since!

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